Here at Thousand Suns we stand for deep connection and personal liberation. All of our workshops are designed to bring forth a sense of inspiration and magic into your life.

Joining us for a few Workshops is a great way to gain a deeper and more playful awareness over your personal powers and spiritual connection. Covering topics around physical health and sustainability such as gardening, healthy eating, foraging for medicine and edibles, mushroom cultivation, sprouting and growing micro greens.

Offering a wide range of workshops in the spiritual and physical disciplines of yoga, cannabis yoga, Thai yoga body work, healing with your hands and your breath, pranayama and the power of your breath, kundalini, shamanic journeying, communicating with the spirits and elementals, plant medicines, and the ritualistic use of plants.

We have much going on and also have room for more intimate training on request. Feel free to reach out about any of the workshops above or ideas that you are looking to be explored and discovered.

Check out our events calendar, learn about our community, ceremonies & rituals. We hope to see you at the ranch!

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