Understanding Our Philosophy

We are all. All we come from. From all we learn and grow.

NAIC Thousand Suns Truths are universal are outside form, and hold no separation, offering limitless space for authentic experience. NAICTS Philosophy is rooted in the Heart Space in sharing loving awareness and limitless Joy and Compassion. Offering Healing, Counseling and Life enhancing tools including but not limited to the practices of Indigenous, Traditional, Familial Native American and Spiritually based religious therapeutics and or traditional healing methodologies such as Native American Medicines, Use of Sacraments, Practice of Ceremony, traditional energetic based systems such as Chirothesia, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM- Chi-Gung), Traditional Indigenous Thai Yoga and Thai Massage, Traditional Thai Ayurveda/ Buddhist Medicine (TTM),Classical Indian Ayurveda, Yoga (Eight Branches) and Yoga Therapy, Homeopathy and Biblically based Monastic and Clerical Natural Medicine (Priory of Saving Grace, Medicine of Hope™) and Nature Cure or Traditional Naturopathy.

NAIC Healers, medicine persons, may include any spiritually based, non-invasive, holistic and or earth or natural based remedy which will create the optimum environment for the healing experience for our clients. As we move away from a place where the definition of wellness and health is the “absence of disease”, we will explore a model which portrays the human patient as a complete whole. Body, Mind and Spirit cannot be taken or considered as separate unrelated parts of us. They are variations in perspective more or less evident as one looks at a person from different angles of viewpoint and perspective. Their functions and existence overlap and are interdependent, synergistic and sympathetic to a degree such as we only begin to suspect. We also believe in the inter-connectivity of all life and levels of existence, like a finely woven tapestry every thread is separate but is made of the same material. Woven together to make a pattern or a image. on a textile that is all one with separation in color or shape. Like the relationship between chaos and order, together can only be understood and appreciated by having perspective. We understand at the center of all and moving through all is the thread of love. We weave loving awareness throughout all we do, and draw from all expressions in our past and future that support this unified awareness. Surprisingly this reality is a common thread of all indigenous and Native traditions. And this awareness of separation is a newer western awareness.

Our indigenous and Native American teachings and traditions tell us that the body, the mind and the spirit are working together creating the instrument by which our very soul is manifest and able to interact and to communicate with Mother Earth, the material word, and the universe of which we are a part. In oriental medicine humans are described as being “conduits” between the twin powers of the Celestial influences and energies of Heaven and the terrestrial influences and energies of the Earth. We are how the Heavens feel wet grass between the toes and how the earth sees the stars. Native Americans simply say “Mitakoe Oyasin” (Lakota), “we are all relatives”. This infers we are all living constituents of all life and related to all life in some way directly.

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