NAIC Thousand Suns Authorized Full Blessed Medicine Membership (AFM Card)

Share in the message and participate in the ceremonies.

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The AFM Card is the proof of your NAIC Church / Tribal Organization Healthcare Full Membership. It is NAIC Thousand Suns opinion that a $200.00 donation is a relatively insignificant yet a Humbly Received Offering compared to what BOTH Federally and non-federally recognized Tribal American Native People as well as all other

Freedom Speakers Activist and Movement Makers have endured to enable you, and all other races to benefit from their Sacrifices to worship indigenous cultural practices. Allowing All of us to consciously engage in the ceremonial use of Natural Medicines, and Healing Rituals, free from mans opinion. Your Religious Right to Celebrate Spirit with the use of Sacred Plants has more weight then mans law making the Plant Kingdom illegal and out of touch of use and communion.

Effective September 1, 2016: A percentage of the $200.00 donation will go directly to our Legal Fund in support of your rights to practice, express and to receive healing services.

The NAICTS Blessed Full Membership Card is a way for you to become a member, participate and offer services in our ceremonies, and assist us in sharing the Celebration of Spirit and the Manifestation of Life through the ways and practices of our Indigenous Roots through the filter of our Future Mastery. Carrying out Authentic Healing, Living a live of liberation and connection is the mission of NAICTS.

By becoming a member you can now practice in the healing, therapy, counseling and ceremonies and sacraments of the land. The NAICTS-AFM allows these members to participate in personal ceremonies and will be authorized to carry with them Sacred Sacrament and healing arts tools for personal ceremony use.  Giving you the freedom to work in your own space and your own time.

Note: You will be asked to agree that you have read and understand and affirm the NAIC Thousand Suns Code of Ethics in order to obtain an NAICTS AFM. All of our church / Tribal Org. memberships are conditional to agreeing to abide by published Code of Ethics and NAIC Thousand Suns Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Important Please Note: Preconditions are required to obtain Full access to all that the NAICTS-AFM Card has to offer you.  Due to the fact that you will be able to participate in Sacramental ceremonies in group and by yourself, a Private Health questionnaire will need to be filled out and a phone or in person consultation will need to be scheduled before full access to Membership benefits will be available . This is so we are all in the highest alignment with what your needs as a member are and NAIC Thousand Suns vision is as a conscious tribal community.  You will also agree to completing our classes on Ritual Magic and the Sacred Use of Plants, all Sacrament request will require a consult with a Medicine Elder to be fulfilled. This is for your safety and ours. You will then be given access to acquire Sacred Sacrament which has been intentionally created for ceremonial use, from our organization for personal ceremony through a controlled process of ministerial council with each other, so that there is intent and awareness around the sacred use of the sacrament and the ceremony created.  We only want the best for all members and we want each member to understand building a safe and sacred container before stepping into these waters on their own time and space.

We are So Excited for Desire Share in the Celebration of Life and Participate in the Medicines and Sacraments which are ingrained in our DNA yet have been Denied to the common man.