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Joining our community is a step in the direction of taking your Power Back, Standing Up for your Truths and Commanding your space as a Natural Free Human.

Three Levels of Membership

Interested in joining? Read about our membership levels below to learn how to Join NAIC Tribal Organization and Acquire an NAIC Thousand Suns Authorized Blessed Medicine Participant and/or Membership?

Giving you the Power to Choose how you care for your Body, Mind, & Spirit!

Thank you for your interest and consideration in joining the steadily growing list of conscious people who, by joining “Native American Church of Thousand Suns” are taking their power back.  Rising up in self awareness, community connection, and equanimity with the lands. Thousand Suns was created to bridge the gap between the indigenous roots & traditions of our ancestors with the cosmic & timeless truths of the souls light.  Building a place for all who are ready for a new tomorrow, today.


NAIC Tribal Org. currently accepts blessed members at three levels of authorized membership. The privileges conditions and responsibilities are very different for each of them so read carefully.

Note: All Members are free from IRS non-insurance penalties

1) NAIC Thousand Suns Authorized Participant Level Membership (APM Card)

2) NAIC Thousand Suns Authorized Full Membership Blessed Medicine Card (AFM Card)


Membership FAQ’s

There are many reasons why having a member based organization is beneficial for all parties.  First and foremost you are making a commitment to your highest self, and your new community of high vibrational beings that all want the same thing.  To be happy, healthy, and holy in their bodies, minds, and spirits. You are saying yes to taking your ability to be free in your own hands. By being a Private members based organization, both the organization and its members are now legally separated from the public and governmental control of their mind, body, and spirit. by joining the “Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns” are essentially standing up for their Constitutional Rights to participate in and to hold indigenous, Earth-based, empowering and healing medicine and ceremonies.

Legal precedence dictates that the Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns has full Constitutional Rights and Protections as have other registered Churches, worshiping in the United States of America, been receiving theirs since September 17, 1787.

An “NAIC Church/ Religious Tribal Organization Membership” serves to protect the religious freedom which indigenous and Native Americans and in fact all Americans have to practice the traditional and biblical traditions of healing, Chirothesia, The “Laying on of Hands” and other sacred, spirit and or energy based practices common to Indigenous peoples since the dawn of human civilization.

You might question do you align with the word tribal or indigenous.  Let us take the time to say that all people at one time where indigenous peoples.  WE all have this energy flowing through us. A time were we where more inline with nature and the way we nurture each other.  New studies show that we have 14 generations of genetic coding influencing our thoughts and actions. NAIC Thousand Suns is here to nurture those DNA codes from our past that will heal today for a better tomorrow.

The NAIC Thousand Suns Blessed Membership and Card informs the federal government and a majority of state governments which may be unaware of the unique constitutional rights of the indigenous, traditional religious and or Tribal organization members.

A “Religious Native American and or Indigenous (aboriginal) Tribal Organization Membership” serves to protect the availability, expression and practice of Indigenous, Traditional Native American Healthcare, an expression of Indigenous, traditional and or Native American Medicine.

Our memberships establish your membership in our tribal organization and church. With this in mind, three United States Higher Courts’ unanimous decisions (the Federal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, State of Utah Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court) express very clearly and concisely that:

Any and all government agencies of the United States have no legal authority to influence any religious Tribal Organization, Native American Indigenous Church with its ideology (by-laws) or limit the participation, practice and or expression of a church’s religious practices based on race (American Native) or political affiliation (Federally Recognized Tribes); Cannot deny access to American Native Indigenous Sacred Ceremonial Grounds and / or use of any and all plants, minerals, cactus, herbs, mushrooms etc. (Sacrament); As an example and as a matter of law, the United States government are to protect these constitutional rights. These unanimous rulings state very clearly that all members of ‘any’ federally recognized tribe and/or ‘members’ of a bona fide Native American Church have the constitutional rights and protection to worship with any and all earth-based Sacraments ‘especially Peyote’ but not limited to as human kinds oldest sacrament the sacred mushrooms.

Tribes and or Tribal organizations are SOVEREIGN, therefore they have a right to have their own healthcare system. This includes a healing center, clinic, counseling or hospital and can be operated off Tribal land. This is very important.  This allows NAIC Thousand Suns to provide the various modalities that they want to practice and also includes education in spiritually based alternative modalities. Allowing the members to work through the church in seeking alternative practices and medicines for their personal healing that is inline with their beliefs whether or not the government has ok’ed the treatments.

Technically an NAIC Tribal Organization provider works under the authority and supervision of the Tribal Organization, therefore, they are not governed by local, state or federal secular jurisdictions.

Please note: NAIC Thousand Suns Church, Tribal Organization membership does not make you bulletproof! It establishes the legal basis for your Sacred Medicine beliefs, expressions and practices under NAIC Tribal org. rules, procedures and guidelines. No inappropriate, illegal, unapproved or “out of scope” practices are intended and or tolerated under the NAIC Umbrella.  This is not an excuse to abuse or misuse. Here at Thousand Suns we take the use of medicinal sacrament very seriously and have strict guidelines on the ceremonial use and personal healing practices. We believe that all of the plant and animal kingdom is connected and is here for our conscious evolution. This being said we work to have conscious use of all energies that we put in or on our bodies.  As there are many different healing modalities and medicines that can be used in conjunction with or implemented first before the use of visionary medicines. Here at NAIC Thousand Suns we are working diligently to help all liberate from the needs of external dependencies. We want all to be happy and free and fully conscious in every moment.

1) Client/ communicant/ penitent – minister privilege (“Right to privacy” between therapist counselor, minister and the member receiving the service) No membership =  no Client/ communication- minister privilege. As there is no service to the public, there is no compelling interest of government to intervene. In fact interfering is specifically prohibited.

2) If the client is not an NAICTS member there is no expressive private membership contract, and no protections afforded to expressive private association among members.

3) If a client is not a member there are no Native American Religious freedoms or protections for such under AIRFA, RLUIPA, Title 42, 25, 18 etc.

4) If a client is not a member there is no protection from liability, nor arbitration agreement for dispute.

5) If a client is not a member there is no legal contract or understanding that all services, counseling, therapies etc. are Native American religious expressions. Leaves the door open to misunderstanding either in the moment or at some future date. Also leaves the door open to a relative, partner or medical person misinterpreting the nature of the services.

6) Services rendered without clearly establishing the nature of the relationship as a religious exchange, are subject to being interpreted as a secular service which would place them under the jurisdiction of various state medical practices acts.

Consent form etc have been vetted by top attorneys with both state and federal court experience in defending native and church rights etc. and have been found to be exemplary and correct. It is quite predictable that someone might say that they have never heard of this before. That only supports the idea that they are not educated in this area of law. Additionally, it is a ploy used by law enforcement, and state investigators to try to trick counselors into voluntarily giving up their legal protections in order to entrap them either at the time of service or at some future date. We know this happens because it has and does happen. If the NAICTS therapist voluntarily gives up their ecclesiastical umbrella of protection, they have no protection. Also it is a clear violation of NAICTS policy and we would disavow any protections if policy is not followed to the letter. One violation typically cost tens of thousands of dollars for an unprotected individual in violation having to defend themselves. Services rendered between members are clearly and legally protected.

Simply stated members have to be members to establish and guarantee the legal rights and protections which allow unfettered access and exchange of the particular expressions of religious practice and healing which we claim as NAICTS.

Under no circumstances is it required that NAIC Church/ Tribal Org. Participants and or Members acquire, use, transport or participate in the use of the traditional herbal sacraments which may be contentious and or illegal in any particular state. NAIC members are free to NOT acquire, use, transport or participate in the use of the traditional and or herbal sacraments.

***This level membership establishes your legal right to extend and to offer healing services according to your NAIC Thousand Suns authorized / recognized scope of practice and conditions.