Offering a wide range of talents and gifts. The root of all our service is expressed through a filter of loving awareness.

It is an opportunity for us as Healers Teachers and Mirrors to offer our highest awareness and hold an open space for all of our members and clients to see and experience their highest truth.

Our Desires for all to build internal connection and understanding. To know who you are and what you need.

To be Authentic… To be Vulnerable…. To Liberate from the Cycles of Stagnation.

Every Thing is Energy. Always moving always vibrating. Yet our bodies, also vibrating energy, are not always the most open and able to allow the energies of life to move freely through all of our nervous system.

This stuck Energy becomes stiff stuck bound and then blocked.

When this happens The mind will start to write a story around why the stuck energy is still there. The body will start to fidget, as it feels the energy and tries to free it.

These fidgets turn into anxieties, compulsions, and addiction as a way to process the energy.

If these blockage remain for a extended period of time, they express Dis-order in the energy flow and alignments, which leads to Dis-ease manifested in the physical as Disease.

At NAIC Thousand Suns we offer our Members many channels to understand themselves on a Deeper Level, to become the healer of their own Karmas.

Through Classes, Workshops, Ceremonies, Rituals, Group Celebration, and One on One Healing and Counseling opportunities

Please Join us as We Free our Souls, We Sing the Songs in Our Hearts!!

Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio!!!

Workshops & Event Series

Our community gathers for ceremonies, worship, workshops and events of all kinds. You can visit our events calendar here and find details on the different types of events and activities for you and your family.

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Health  & Wellness