Ceremonies With Sacred Sacraments

We have come together to create this Portal of healing and connection for those who seek ‘the divine within’ through sacred plants and psychedelic substances used by our ancestors for eons.

When People work with sacred plant medicine they are consciously evoking the power of Heaven and Earth by calling on Creator in their prayers. Within the body of the practitioner of sacred plant medicine, the two are united in balance and sacred power is evoked when the plants are called on to become medicine.

Here at NAIC Thousand Suns we look at healing on a deep Multifaceted level.  We do not take Plant and Fungus medicine Ceremonies lightly. In fact the are tools to help you find your true and authentic self.  Because they are a tool, one of many in our toolbox we look at them with reverence and grace. Communing with their spirits to connect on level which gives a deeper understanding of who we are and what we are to do along with the supportive energies to do so.

We believe all people ho want to engage with sacramental plants and visionary spirits, yet not all are in the right space or time to be with them. Because of this all ceremony participants are required to fill out a questionnaire as well as have one on one ministerial council before being approved for group ceremony or personal ceremonies.

It is also our believe that times today cause more stress on the body systems and medicines are needed more now then they have been for many years, yet just taking medicine can be like taking a rowboat out into the ocean with no paddles. If other parts of your life are not aligned for the conscious use of this deep spiritual work the high high of connecting you to your cosmic self can leave you lost or unstable.  This is do to the fact that we learn form the plants what we should do or what we might need to adjust in our lives, or we receive a deep connection to our souls energy and then we come out of it and the present state of our life is regained. Some people feel more disconnected or lost in how to get here they want to be from where they are.

Do to this Medicine is a great key, yet alone may leave us lost. Here at Thousand Suns we allow medicine to help move us, but it is not our driving force. Authentic connection to the individual self and the cosmic self are. And to do so we integrate many healing modalities and offer many tools for our members to stay open and move through life with grace and ease.

Everyone approved for ceremony and medicine work is also given pre and post care and council. We offer follow up integration because we want all who commune with the Sacrament to have lasting change.  

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Join now and be part of the celebration and the liberation of consciousness