Thousand Suns Ceremonies

Ceremonies may be self Derived, they may come from vision, they may be given by a teacher, they may be cultural. From all sources the essence of all ceremonies have the same underlying roots. It is a process in which the human capacity for sacred feeling and reverence is given form and expression. A place where we give gratitude and celebration for life and its many mysteries. A portal for focusing and channeling of spirit to manifest the magic and abundance in our lives. cutting through the Monotony of the mental construct of linear time.

In Ceremony we align the Earth, and our physical body, with the intentions of our Hearts given to the Creator Spirit. This intention held within the ceremony is woven like a living fabric in time space through the Earth, the humans, the spirit world, and the different elements of earth. Breathing a Portal to higher states of being and living.

Energy moves the least path of resistances. When we ritualize and focus energy through ceremony we amplify the creative life force energy to be channeled into your conscious reality. Creating Magic in all of your life is a main drive in what we do. To bring harmony to the trinity of the self, and inspiration and abundance to the Spirit.

It has long been known among indigenous cultures that when people forget their place in the web of life without periodically renewing connection with the sacred, illness and disharmony follows.

Ceremony is the thread of life that holds the tapestry of life together.

First of all, so there is NO confusion: NAIC NEVER EVER charges for Native American or Indigenous Traditional Ceremony and or for participating in ceremony. We never have, we never will. All NAIC and/ or Native American Indigenous Church ceremony is based on the gifts and teachings freely given by Mother Earth. NAIC ceremony is open and free to all NAIC- Priory of Saving Grace members without discrimination of any kind.

From the beginning of time when people first walked, Great Spirit provided human beings with two indigenous spiritual ceremonial customs that honor the two earthly substances that sustain Human life, Air (Father Sky) – Prayer Pipe (Sacred Breath Casuse Ceremony) and Food (Mother Earth) – Sacrament (Sacred Mushroom, Cannabis, or Grandfather Cactus Ceremony).

Partaking of these two sacred gifts, to our first parents, first supplied by the Great Spirit then they evolved into other ceremonial customs.  These ceremonies from the beginning to the present manifested themselves from the promptings of ones’ heart. It has been discovered that the regular practicing of these ceremonies enhances the worshiper ability to walk in, Faith, Gratitude, Humility, Charity, Respect, Honor and Forgiveness.

Practicing and living these ceremonies on a regular basis tend to enhance and assist one to live with honor and respect for all their relations that leads to a responsible and peaceful existence

All of the following ceremonies remain with us today, due to the courage and tenaciousness of our indigenous ancestors. Throughout human history there have been influences based in greed and prideful intentions that have sought to destroy or marginalized the practicing of these Sacred Ceremonies, the Racist War Against the American Native Culture.

Through these trials and tribulations, Native American Indigenous Church has established a Code of Ethics and NAICTS Ceremonial Protocol to sustain these ancient religious practices for generations upon generations to come.

Under NAIC- Priory of Saving Grace authority, Priest, Church Elder and Medicine Persons,  Patrick Colasanti , Kyllie Myers and other ordained and or authorized ministers are authorized to lead NAIC ceremony.

Honors the passing into a new existence of all earthly beings. Aligning the Portal of energy for the soul to feel grounded Nurtured and Loved.

Everything is alive and filled with Pranic life force. Breath is the one autonomic function the we can consciously override. When we consciously Breathe we gain the power to become conscious of our subconscious. energizing our bodies focusing our minds with the Pranic energy around. Pranayama as it is called in the east provides the blueprints to liberate the self through breath. This Ceremony allows Great Spirit infiltrate every cell of one’s body. Filling the Body with Loving Awareness

(Laying on of Hands/ Chirothesia) Ceremony – American Native Spiritual Leaders have traditionally used the natural power of touch to accomplish healing, empowerment and creation to connect with our creator (Divine Touch).  Throughout history and today Medicine People are aware of the effects of touch with the essences of plants, oils and herbs on the body, mind and emotions.  They utilize touch and fragrance of seeds, roots, barks, flowers and leaves in ritual healing, empowerment and creation. NAIC teaches and practices an elegant, comprehensive and sophisticated system of total health maintenance: SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®

Honors the public and open commitment of two or more people to serve the human family unit for life and all eternity.

Honors the passing of any earthly beings into the next realm of Existence.

Gathering and Distribution of Wealth. community connection where we share the fruits of our land with the ones we love.  Those who eat together and pray together stay together.

(Casuse and/ or Chanunpa) Ceremony – Three important purposes for this ceremony are; 1) Remind the participants to honor and respect the power of prayer and, 2) assist in unity and respect of male and female differences, 3) activate the law of synergy to assist all participants in achieving their heartfelt desires.

Three important purposes for this ceremony are A) to rediscover ones innate goodness and, B) assist in the forgiveness process for oneself and, C) to reside in truth. There is not only one sacrament. We believe that all natural substances are suitable for healing ceremony.

A celebration of the Millennium and living in gratitude. Directly connecting to all the benevolent energies and intelligence which support, inform and protect us.

Two important purposes for this ceremony are 1) remind the participants to honor and respect the creative process and 2) assist the participants to honor and respect all of one’s relatives, especially one’s biological mother and father. Sweat Lodge allows an opportunity to be cleansed and re birthed, To connect deeply to the energies of the earth and the elements. Gaining a clearer connection to your own energies and the expressions of life of your ancestors as we step out of our comfort zones and in to the connection.

Native people of all nations have always believed in the ceremonial practice of adding to their circle to strengthen the family, clan, branch and tribe. Today we practice this ceremony on both a personal and church basis by adding Authorized Branches made up of our expanding family and elders, regardless of blood quotient.

A live burial to symbolically allow us the space to focus healing energy to our bodies, our ancestors, and the land. To put to rest the energies that no longer serve us, to call in strength of our bloodlines and past lives. Clearing the way and energizing the space the remains.

The world has seen many faces, colors, and creeds over the millennia, yet the essence of all their ceremonies where the same. This is because all are one and we all feel the call to practice in these authentic expressions of gratitude and celebration for life.

Come celebrate with us.