The Lord’s Prayer for Thousand Suns

O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos, you create all that moves in light

Help us breathe one holy breath feeling only you – this creates a shrine inside, in wholeness.

From this divine union, let us birth new images for a new world of peace

Help us Love Beyond our ideals and sprout acts of compassion for all creatures

Create in me a divine cooperation rom many selves, one voice, one action

Your one desire then acts with ours, as in all light, so in all forms.

Give us the food we need to grow through each new day, through each illumination of life’s needs.

Loose the cords of mistakes binding us, as we release the strands we hold of others guilt

Forgive our hidden past, the secret shames, as we consistently forgive what others hide.

Absorb our frustrated hopes and dreams, as we embrace those of others with emptiness

Don’t let surface things delude us, but free us from what holds us back.

Keep us from hoarding false wealth, and from the inner shame of help not given in time.

But break the hold of unripeness, the inner stagnation that prevents good fruit.

Out of you, the vital force producing and sustaining all life, every virtue…

Out of you the astonishing fire, the birthing glory, returning light and sound to the cosmos…

Again and again, from each universal gathering- of creatures, nations, planets, time, and space—to the next.