About Patrick Colasanti “Tej Shiva Singh”

We are all here to experience Life. 

As an intuitive healer and space holder, Sessions with Patrick “Tej Shiva” have a wide range of expressions.  The fundamental drive for his work is liberation from suffering, allowing one to see and embody love in all spaces and faces. Working with his Clients on a energetic level to get to the root of the dis-ease. Energy which gets stuck or stagnant ferments in the body creating mental pattering, physical pain, disease. Energies can get so stuck, that we draw in accidents from the external world to cause injury and blockages in the body world.  Remembering that you are not the body but the soul that is driving the vessel, a flowing energy that moves the body. Sessions with Patrick are designed to open this flow state back up.  Removing stuck energy correcting Dis-ease in the Mind Body Spirit Trinity. Bringing back a fullness of life, new perspectives and freedom from bodily pain and suffering.

Life being an expression of God’s love and we are God, Experiencing ourself through different archetypal filters.  Learning to love and hold space for all expressions of this consciousness and form. It is when we get to caught up in the maya or the illusion of life that causes our experience to find disharmony and disease.  Or desire for all is to be present with your mastery and God awareness in all situations. This is what we model at NAIC Thousand Suns and what Patrick offers and holds space for in all his clients and church members.

Request your Private lesson or Healing session below. Areas to explore in a session include but are not limited to the following:

  • Soul Coaching and Counseling 
    • This is a process of a meditative talking through the present moment. Working through the stories of th emind and the energies in the body. As well as reorienting how clients engage with the word to shift what they receive back from the universe. As everything is energy we are looking at consciously channeling the energy that goes into the world to allow the highest vibration to come back to the self  – personal homework may be given in the modalities of yoga meditation, consciously eating or choosing foods. Making a conscious routine for your life.
  • Laying of Hands  – (Body Work  & Energy Work)  
    • Thai Yoga Therapy and assisted Asana.  This practice helps to move the body in ways to help the flow of energy through the meridian lines allowing energy to flow freely through the joints and chakras, removing stiffness and soreness in the body.
    • Quantum Touch & Theta Healing & Reiki.  Are Modalities of energy work that are hands on and hands off ways of combining breath and conscious loving awareness channeling Loving Energy from the Cosmos to and through the body to remove energy blocks. Essentially channeling pranic life force and transmuting energy with breath and consciousness.

  • Paradigm shifting 
    • This is a multifaceted healing modality combining emotional freedom technique also known as bio taping, soul retrieval and shamanic journeying.  It is a process of revisiting past experiences, Looking at the stories from a different perspective allowing new awareness and love to flow in, feeling the energies that come up and clearing them to remove them from the body.  A way to renegotiate the energetic contracts that you have made with the people of your past and present as well as with yourself. This allows love to flow freely from the heart space giving your soul new life in your body.
  • Sound Healing
    • Across all the lands and over every ocean you will find the conscious awareness from all tribes and peoples that sound moves energy and heals the mind body experience. Because sound is just vibrating energy, and everything in this world is vibrating energy and all energy has a song or a sound that moves it.  Through the process of a grounding meditation and sound therapy energies in the body are able to reorient and flow freely.
  • Private Lesson
    • Privates can be in any and all areas from humanology, yoga, meditation, and pranayama to sustainable farming practices, composting, and food & medicine production for your health and wellbeing.

Learn more about Patrick’s Journey at www.shamanicyogi.net

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