Humble Pines Ranch

Humble Pines Ranch

Resting on 84 pristine acres of beautiful alive land named Humble Pines Ranch. Backing up to Pine Creek, clean water is always flowing. With 60 plus acres of woods, miles of trails and a 1.3 acre spring fed pond with its own island, Humble Pines & Thousand Suns have the feel of being in the middle of nowhere but is only 1.5 miles out of downtown Lapeer, Mi.

Being developed consciously into a retreat center to help guests reconnect their Spirit with the Spirit of the land. Humble Pines, formerly Iron Horse Ranch ‘named because of the trains that come through on the north end of the property was purchased in 1973 by the Bradley Family. From day one Sheldon and Daisy worked the land and tried their best to be good stewards to the property and the wildlife that used the land as their home. Family was the most important part of their life. Their goal was to establish a family haven where the kids and grandkids could enjoy outdoor life and make memories together. There was nothing on the land except scrub brush, thorn trees, and pines, but Sheldon had a vision. The family thought he was nuts, but they also knew his history of making something great, out of not much. With Daisy at his side, often with a shovel in her hands, a small pole barn was built.

Then came more barns, the wood bridge, and the cement bridge, so the river could be crossed and the land could be accessed. Sheldon bought tractors, a bulldozer, a dump truck, a wood chipper…. and the toys multiplied. A lake was then needed for playing in the water, so Sheldon dug until he hit springs. Then he wanted an island, so the lake was made bigger, leaving an island this time. Pines where planted. The bulldozer cleared all the trails that guests enjoy today.

In 2001 the main house as well as the tree house was built.The bradley family enjoyed being stewards of the land for many many years, enjoying the perks of the seasons and the space, from swimming, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, skating, hiking and even jet skiing on the lake they built with there own hands. Along the way, the family hosted many family events that have included up to 350 guests. Anniversaries, weddings, graduations, family reunions, halloween parties were all so much fun on the ranch.From campfires in the woods near the big pines, sitting on the front porch watching the deer graze, seeing 40 turkeys walking across the ice-covered lake. Enjoying the sunset from the picturesque view from the west facing back deck, and nurturing the the baby wildlife, praying that they would survive the predators.

In 2017 Iron Horse Ranch changed hands and changed names, but the dream that Sheldon had of building something for family has not died it has just multiplied. Honoring the land and its ability to heal all that step foot on it for many years to come and creating memories for family and friends is the new mission.

Being the new stewards of the land, the Colasanti family along with the Thousand Suns community plan on expanding on this dream, building community gardens to feed all who come, housing for retreat guests, art and yoga studios, a ceremony building, tree house village and much much more. Please keep an eye out for updated schedule of workshops, yoga classes, ceremony and community gathering events.

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