Foundation Declaration

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Foundation Declaration for Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns on Humble Pines Ranch Retreats and Wellness Center.

  1. Name

The Name of this organization shall be Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns Inc. (NAICTS).  Humble Pines Ranch Retreats and Wellness Center (HPRRWC).

  1. Statement of Faith.

Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns NAICTS is working on the land, but not limited to this location, known as Humble Pines Ranch Retreat and Wellness Center in Lapeer Township Mi.  We belief in the sanctity of Mother Earth And Father Sky, it is without fault and is perfect.   Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns (NAICTS) an Inter-­‐Tribal, Organization, Branch Discipline & Convocation of the Medicine Men and Medicine Women of the Native American Indigenous Church Inc. (NAIC) A Florida State Chartered Not for Profit/ IRS 508 (c)(1)(A) FBO (Faith Based Organization)/ Tribal Organization Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns (NAIC Integrated Auxiliary/ Independent Branch A state of Michigan Not for Profit / IRS 508 (c)(1)(A) FBO (Faith Based Organization.))

Declaration of Good Conscience and Practice, Constitution, and Establishment of NAICTS

Being a restoration of the Pre-­‐Colonial and Pre-­‐Conquest Nomadic Indigenous People which inhabited parts of Central America, North and South America, our European and Pre-Christian Pagan lines,the Pacific Islands, Japan, Korea, China, Philippines, Thailand, Burma, India and Tibet anciently, and which left evidence of its periodic occupation of these Traditional Territories in writings and records left and religiously guarded in order that they might be brought into the light in a day of futurity so that the ancient, sacred ways of Native, Natural and Traditional healing and sacred practices might be restored, beginning in this State of Michigan, in the United States of America, and spreading there from as far as the wind may carry the message, and for as long as the trees grow and the rivers flow.

We will educate others in our township of Lapeer, the USA and in various locations anywhere in the world, as spirit shall see fit to guide us to and use the Internet to educate and make disciples of all nations. We run a healing ministry, counseling natural medicines school as we equip the saints to enter into their ministry that our Lord and or Great Spirit chooses for them. We will meet for worship services, Sunday School (Native American Style in Season and according to guidance from Spirit), worship in song and praise, put on plays, have a street ministry, pass out educational materials regarding our ministry and to educate others concerning the Native American Religion and Earth Based Spiritual faith. We will hold a board meeting one time a month or when appropriate to talk about current issues, and plans for future events. We are an inter-­‐faith, inter-­‐tribal, Native American Church, non-­‐denominational church and indigenous peoples/ tribal organization and will always be so.  We believe in the rights of Mother Earth. We believe that we are all part of Mother Earth, an indivisible, living community of interrelated and interdependent beings divided in separate vessels but all animated and moved by the same spirit (Great Spirit) created with the matter and material of Mother Earth. Acknowledging that all life is the same source spirit and material and all on this plant is one, all life has a common destiny to release the boundaries of separation and to grow to the light of our spirit and the source of energy the sun physical and spiritual. To do so we must nurture the connection of community and our connection to mother earth, for we so gratefully understand and feel when we heal inside our vessels we send that healing out and when we heal the land we bring that healing inside ourselves.  This relationship is first and foremost for our organizations to heal and serve.  We also recognize that our planet and mother is part of a creator creation all living, breathing, moving and flowing through what might be perceive to be time and space, but we understand to all be happening at a single moment, the present moment.  This moment of presence is what we work to instill in all our members.  We recognize that, any disconnect from this connection to mother earth and spirit causes a sense of separation and delusion of self. This delusion leads to capitalism and self serving energize that cause depredation, exploitation, abuse and contamination to fellow life energies on this planet by those whom use this awareness for there own good.  In doing so this cause destruction and chaos to mother earth’s lands, air, and waters. These energy flows also cause a disruption to the health, harmony, and mental balance of all, that walk on this planet, for we are all connected as one.  We believe that this division and separation of communities and the idea of encouraging the nuclear family system is causing more destruction waste and abuse to the land.  For a community that eats together and prays together stays together.  We believe to guarantee human rights, it is necessary to recognize and defend the rights of Mother Earth and all beings on her, and by connecting with the natural ways of our ancestors and the knowledge of the intact indigenous communities combined with what we have learned and experienced through the trials of capitalism and consumerism we can make positive change to the self and the greater.  This being stated we are aware of the urgency of taking decisive, collective action to transform the power structures and systems that cause and support mental and physical oppression and the destruction of our lands air and seas do to the abuse of plastics and unconscious and non sustainable farming and food production that is not helping to elevate world hunger.  Because we know all things are alive and everything is connected with a consciousness we look to the plants for the knowledge and help heal this land, and because the plants and fungus hold this sacred knowledge we have an urgency, need, and right to cultivate, procure, and protect these teacher spirits to heal our mind body and souls.  We also proclaim them to be sacred and holy for we can find them historically used in sacred text from across the lands and the ages, carrying the names Soma and Manna used in brews and healing ointments and atoning oils. These methods have stood the test of times as intake indigenous communities are still using them.  It is our duty and the duty of all humanity to defend and protect them from deformation, destruction, and delusion and defend them as holy sacrament.  We proclaim this Universal Declaration of the rights of Mother Earth, and call on the General Assembly of the United Nations to adopt this truth, as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations of the world as make these principles of treating the lands as sacred and all that are on them and in them to be treated this way.  That every individual and institutions takes responsibility to the best of their abilities through their actions, life styles, teaching, education, promotions, products, and consciousness raising, respect the rights recognized in this Declaration and ensure through prompt and progressive measures and mechanisms, both domestic and international, their universal and effective recognition and observance among all peoples and States in the world.

Article I: Mother Earth

We Believe that:

  • Mother Earth is a living being
  • Mother Earth and Great Spirit come together to create life.These expressions of life although having different out word appearances, all come from the matter and material of mother earth through the energies and animation of Great Spirit.  One organism many expressions, one consciousness many filters.
  • Each being, like a gear or cog in a machine has an integral role in the web of life and the interconnected harmony of Mother Earth.
  • The Inherent rights of Mother Earth are inalienable in that they arise from the same source as existence.
  • Mother Earth and all beings are entitled to all the inherent rights recognized in this Declaration without distinction of any kind, such that of organic and inorganic, species, raise, land of origin, used to label and divide creation.
  • We believe in Natural law being the highest form of law governing humans in society. That laws made by man to divide or control are unjust and go against natural law.
  • Just as human beings have rights, all life has the same right to live in flourish in harmony and balance, which are specific to their species or kind, and appropriate for their role and function within the communities within which they exist.
  • No rights of one species are higher or more important then another. The rights of other beings limit the rights of each being and any conflict between their rights must be resolved in a way that maintains the integrity, balance and health of Mother Earth.

Article II: Inherent Rights of Mother Earth

We Believe that:

  • Mother Earth and all beings of which she is composed of have the following rights.
  • The right to life and to exist in harmony with source.
  • The right to be respected.
  • The right to reproduce and regenerate life to continue its serves and support to the great being with out the disruptions of human entitlement.
  • The right to maintain their identity and individuality with out humanity or sociality forcing conformity.
  • The right to clean water as a source and necessity of life, and that this source of life not be exploded and controlled for the benefit of corporations as well as being pure and unadulterated by added chemicals and poisons.
  • The right to clean air, free from heavy metals and toxic waste.
  • The right to share in lands and travel across them free of imaginary boarders as long as the rights and freedoms of others are not being impeded.
  • The right of integral health, and the freedom to choose the way to heal the self and the family members in their unit.
  • The right to be free of contamination, pollution and toxic or radioactive wastes.
  • That the food that she produce to sustain her children also be free of contamination, that it be created with love and inner light, to sustain and heal, that if modern science genetically modify life that it be to serve humanities and mothers highest good, not to control or exploitation which could result in the destruction of her living biome.
  • The right to restore the land to how it was found to leave the space better then it was found for the next 7 generations the the 7 after that. And if there is destruction on the part of our hands that those responsible take action to fix there mistakes.
  • Each Being has the right to live eat and travel on the land air or water ways, for the land is not owed by any man the land is for all to enjoy and play on, as long as in doing so does not inhibit others doing the same.
  • Every being has the right to a happy health holy wellbeing.To be able to life free of famine and fear of torture or cruelty others may inflect on them.

Article III: Obligations of Human Beings and Their Rights as Children of Mother Earth


We Believe that:

  • It is every living human being to be responsible for their space and the impact that their actions have to other beings as well as Mother Earth
  • To be able to live in harmony with all beings and to treat them with intergaty and love.
  • To be able to life sustainably on the land, create their own foods in community or by their individual self and to practice life style choices that help the sustainability of life and the land.
  • To recognize the light in all beings is that light that animates ones self and to nurture that light in all life as your abilities and space allows.
  • To uphold this declaration through words and actions in life style choices and business that may be created.
  • To educate and inform others when they are open to hear.
  • To create laws that are just in the protection of the rights of all and for the protection of the lands, air and water.
  • To work to reduce our waste, increase methods of sustainability, support local community, and cooperative lifestyles that reduce the abuse of the land and need for fossil fuels.
  • To rectify any conscious or unconscious misdoings done to the land or its inhabitance in a timely matter.
  • To empower life and the youth for they are the future of this planet.
  • To promote piece through understand and awareness that we are all one and that there is a mirror of your self in each other and all life.
  • To implement systems that support and protect the knowledge of our ancestors and indigious people so that we do not loose the teaching that are for all.
  • To implement systems to support all human life without exploitation or need for exurbanite profit.

Article IV: Definitions

We belief that:

  • The term “being includes ecosystems, natural communities, species and all other entities which exist as part of Mother Earth.
  • Nothing in this Declaration restricts the recognition of other inherent rights of all beings or specified beings.

III. Preamble

We believe that the universe is alive animated and moving through the energies and light of the one Creator (Great Spirit).  That the matter and material used in this creation was made form the clays of our Earth Mother.  Being all from the same mother and father makes all life equal, whether man or woman or plant or animal all life is equal and free beings to walk and breath share and grow into the light and love of Spirit’s grace while enjoying the fruits of the land of the Earth Mother.

We recognize the inherent, ancestral, sovereign rights that have been given to all creation before birth by Spirit, human conscience, international law and legal constructs of reciprocity, mutuality and comity.  These rights are inherent and may not and cannot be dismissed, infringed, or over ruled by human law.  For natural law of creator and the consciousness of Christ is the way of love and the highest way to harmonious life.  We believe that spirit is eternal and reincarnates through out the ages in many forms and faces, that this life is not our only life and this skin is not has not and will potentially not be our last vessel. We believe that we all derive from and that we may return to the ways of the Native and Indigenous people who lived on this land anciently for we have lived many lives in many skin.  We believe in the Prophecy of the rainbow tribe and the idea that all knowledge is that of all people and we must unify to transcend together.  We believe that this land is for all color creeds and creatures.  That through the knowledge keepers of these traditional ways kept by the literal sons and daughter of these bloodlines, we claim the right to form an Indigenous Traditional Organization.  These Organizations are based upon their teachings and wisdoms, which have been passed down to us through the traditions, customs, ceremonies, and records that have been kept safe and guarded through out the ages by their descendants, for this time of Aquarian collective liberation. We also draw from our ancestral traditions from indigenous cultures that are no longer practicing from our past for all life is happening in the present moment although they are not alive in this time line they are still alive in our heart and consciousness.  We acknowledge the sacred texts of all traditional religions and religious traditions regarding the principles of sacred expression and natural medicine.  We affirm and support traditional Christian and Indigenous principles for spiritually based health care. Our mission is to bring awareness and knowledge to our community and members, to allow this knowledge to be the seed of consciousness, and with this seed through assembly and worship we shall water this seed so that it grows into a tree.  And this tree be the tree of life that will cause our Garden of Eden to be restored on this land.  And through this manifestation of the Garden of Eden we shall help our community to heal and grow into the light that is around us and in us all.  We assert to do this through traditional ceremony, sacraments, scriptural and spiritually valid science, based on natural law, as well through educational programs workshops and retreats.  The focus of NAICTS is not to diagnose or treat medical issues but to empower the individual and help them to heal their soul through strengthening the connection to Spirit’s light and educating on how to take care of the holistic self, and mother earth to heal the harmonious connection of Spiritual and material world.  This is includes but is not limited to traditional and modern ways of hands on healing and body manipulation and yogic arts, sacred breath work and pranayama, plant dieting and shamanic journeying, soul coaching and spiritual counseling, sustainable living, farming and land management practices.  We believe that we are from the creator and part of the creator and that all things natural are for the peoples use to heal and grow learn and live, that life is love and food is our medicine.  We affirm that we are all one and have been in many life times and in one or more we have all embodied a vessel of indigenous blood. Because we have this consciousness running through us all and this connection through our heart we affirm through the energies of Great Spirit and the prophecy of the rainbow tribe we are all one coming back together in this lifetime.  We affirm the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of indigenous Peoples (U.N Sub-commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities 1994/45, August 26, 1994 U.N. Doc. E/CN.4/1995/2, E/CN.4/sub.2/1994/56, at 105 (1994), which concluded in a Unanimous Authorization of the Member States and has become part of the International Rights Law.  Fundamental to our traditions is the truth that, as children and part of the creator (Great Spirit) and this earth, we are entitled to the freedoms of thought, religion education, assembly, opinion, speech, movement, our sacred rights to worship, methods of healing, our traditional lifestyle and security within our historical territories, to the extent that our freedoms and ways do not prevent others from likewise enjoying the same freedoms.  We believe that humans have been given by creature the intelligence to self govern in such a manner as to guarantee themselves these freedoms, to establish just and right ways to deal with each other, to maintain a tranquil and secure domestic community life, provide for defense of these rights when needed, and to insure for ourselves and our posterity the blessings that our culture, traditions and teachings bring.  Accordingly we exercise the Right of Self-Determination, which has been guaranteed by international and Domestic Law to form Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns Inc. (NAICTS) & Olkevueha Native American Church Spirit Walks Inc. (ONACSW, comprised of individuals whose lineage may or may not descend from any Federally or Crown Recognized Tribes or Bands, Non-Recognized Tribes and Bands, Native Hawaiian, Native Alaskan or any other Indigenous Peoples worldwide as well as other individuals, tribes or groups Thousand Suns Church (NAICTS)and Spirit Walks Church (ONACSW) shall see fit to admit be the exercise of our Religion and the administrations of our Cultural Traditions and institutions, whom we recognize as our people, founded upon the Customs, Traditions, Principles, Religion, Governance, And Belief-Systems cited herein, and we ordain and establish this Constitution for Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns Inc. (NAICTS) and Olkevueha Native American Church Spirit Walks Inc. (ONACSW) as Indigenous Groups under The United Nations Declaration of the Rights Of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

  1. Origin-Teacher-Prophet

Native American Indigenous Church of Thousand Suns’ (NAICTS) origin, teacher, and prophet is that of the Spirit of Christ Consciousness (embodied by all of the ascended masters to name a few Jesus, Buddha, Krishna) the Spirit of Cannabis, and the Spirit of the Sacred Mushroom (Psilocybin). Used in whole form or in plant essence, oil tincture or brew form with the Spirit of Syrian Rue as Documented in Sacred texted Dating back before Egyptian Our Beliefs, Purposes and Guidelines are given to us through Sacred text such as The Bible, The sacred Mushroom and the cross, as well a countless other text from the Vedic’s of India to the Pagan Roots of our Norris ancestors of Europe and everything in-between and all around.  Countless references to the sacred use of Psilocybin mushrooms and cannabis are depicted in art and text through out the beginning of Christianity and in indigenous culture from the beginning of time making reference to Soma Being Cannabis and Mana Being the Sacred Mushroom.  We also receive our teaching from the spirits of the plants and mushrooms them selves who’s consciousness merges and is uploaded into ours through ceremony and dieting. ….

  1. Important Writings

NAIC Thousand Suns draws from many sacred texts.

  1. Purpose

Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns

The purpose of this Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns shall be to bring pleasure to God and Great Spirit by making more and better Disciples who celebrate in corporate worship, are committed to Obedience to the four boundless and unequaled states of mind: Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity, loving one another, and penetrating our spheres of influence with the dynamic teachings and beliefs of our elders as passed down to us. Our other purpose is to train, disciple, and work for those in need. We will be active on the internet and all ministries on the net, we have para–church ministries and Native American religion based auxiliaries all under the name NAIC Thousand Suns Inc (NAICTS): The Thousand Suns extension or other name as the board shall designate, the out reaches, web sites, materials, para‐Church ministries, all have different names, but are under the NAICSTS so named above. We educate others concerning separation of Church and state, and how according to the IRS a Church does not need a501 c (30 or (8) tax exemption, as the IRS code states the Native American Indigenous Church Independent Branch Thousand Suns is already a compliant tax exempt entity. We do reserve the right to apply for a formal IRS letter of determination at some future date as decided by our elders and directors


  • To bring peace and harmony in the mind body and spirit of our self’s and our members so that peace can be felt by all of the people around us. As we believe in the motto, “Be the Change that you want to see, Just like Gandhi.” So that while we are in Public we are not preaching or trying to convert others or trying to lead the horse to water and forcing them to drink, but leading by example and allowing them to ask us how we achieved this higher state of being.
  • To connect with our highest self through a connection of mindfulness and presence, which is also know as flow state. A space of connection to the universal creative force of energy that helps us be our best selves. Through but not limited to Meditation, yoga, prayer, art therapy, ritual, and ceremony.
  • Provide our community with service, education, spiritual fellowship and healing. Giving our church members a learned way of life that is in connection to the natural rhythms of nature and the astrological cycles that dictate our energies and thoughts.
  • To take our services to the community around us, through what the Yogis call Seva yoga “selfless service.” To take our love of life and share it with the less fortunate. This does not mean pushing our pressing our views onto others but to share in whatever way we can through acts of kindness and service to those in need.
  • Protect the practice of Mother Earth/God and Goddess based and Native American spiritual traditions, as well as our European Pre-Christian and Indian and Thai roots, ceremonies, sacred practices, wisdoms and healing ways.
  • Provide an international training center it the indigenous elders of Peru and Mexico, as well as the Yogis and Ayurvedic Medicine Elders Of Thailand and India, seminary school that offers residency, practicum, ordination and training on traditional doctrines, church beliefs to initiates, healers, practitioners, therapists, counselors, clergy, pastors, ministers, shamans and doctors.
  • Support Indigenous Native Peoples rights, culture where they may be found on Mother Earth and other activities that are allowed under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment of the United States of America.
  • To continue to educate on the rights and freedoms that we have all been given to practice in peace what helps our spirits to be alive in the rights of natural law if we are free of hurting others we should be free of being hurt by others.
  • To heal the spirits of our Community members and the land that we practice on through the process of sustainable farming, ceremonial practices drawn from the traditions of all indigenous people as spirit gave all his people the same knowledge indifferent forms.  NAICTS will educate it members on holistic ways of life through plant based diet and plant based medicines produced or sourced for the ceremonial and conscious use of all members of our church in good standing who choose to participate on their own accord and that have been screened by Medicine Elders to be a Good fit with said Earth Based Sacraments (Eucharist) and Medicines, such as but not limited to Sacred Mushrooms such as Psilocybin Mushrooms but not limited to Brewed in tea with other additives and Cannabis and Cannabis derivatives produced and or sourced with presence, love, compassion, and joy.
  • NAICTS we will be conscious of our affect on Mother Earth, to bring its members and sister churches closer to the connection we all share with every living and non living being on this earth present past and future, along with the light beings that have transcended this physical world but are still present to help us in our journey of life.
  • To reawaken the Christ consciousness, which is accessible to all, and to bring harmony for us as humans, and for Mother Earth through the production and use of Earth based plants fungus and herbs.
  • To facilitate its members with their own ability to heal the physical body, mental body and the energy body with the tools that mother has provided, for your foods shall be your medicine and your medicine shall be your food.


The church shall receive as members those who have accepted the NAICTS spiritual and religious principles, and manifesting the fruits of the Spirit in their lives, and are in Agreement with the doctrine of this church. NAICTS three levels levels of membership appropriate for the education, commitment, and healing scope of practice specific to the applicant and compared to our established standards (Subject to change by the Board at any time) The only requirement for membership is a request, one can become a member from day one, if they are and or express a belief in the foundation principles of NAICTS as well as sign the NAICTS Members code of conduct form.


Ultimate authority lies in God/ Great Spirit as the head of the church and in the sacred beliefs and doctrines expressed as the basis. For all faith and practice. This church shall remain free and self-­‐governing. The Government is vested in its membership and administered by its officers. In function, final authority shall reside in the membership. They shall approve and/or affirm NAICTS qualified leadership, to carry out the purposes of spirit. Our leadership will hold leadership meetings to talk, brainstorm and agree on any discipline or change that maybe required.


The officers of these churches shall be the Pastor(s), Elders, and/or Deacons, and other officers as deemed necessary by the local church. Administrator, Secretary and visiting Ministers and teachers/ Elders with Board permission. SR. Pastor currently fills all these requirements, until we grow in membership.

  1. Holidays

Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns (NAICTS) currently observes the following as Sacred Holy Days:

  • December 23- Winter Solstice
  • March 21- Spring Equinox
  • April 22- Earth Day
  • June 21- Summer Solstice
  • September 21- Autumnal Equinox
  1. Diet and Fasting

Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns (NAICTS) does not force our enforce diet but make recommendations to members to create a stronger connection to spirit and the earth. May make fasting or further dietary restrictions pre and post ceremony as well as pre post and during plant dietas.  (NAICTS) understanding that with an eclectic member base and a diverse gene pool of our current human race one diet is not right for all persons.  What is recommended, as a blanket for all is plant-based diet consisting of a diverse array of vegetables and greens (specifically bitter greens through eating and juicing, the Vedic’s of India, stated that cannabis was one of the best bitter greens to ingest) organically grown as much as possible?   If meat is on the meal plan that it be raised with consciousness and love fed what it was naturally meant to eat and humanely in ceremonial situation harvested or wild caught wild harvested with love and ceremonially.  When requesting dieting or fasting is not just about avoiding certain foods but is about discipline, sacrifice and commitment. The restrictions are in place to help cleanse the body so that the spirit of the plants can connect and merge with the nervous system, and the nervous system has sensitized itself enough to get the most out of the practice, workshop, vision guest, sweat lodge, ceremony, or dieta. The diet restricts spices, salt and processed sugars.  It also includes a period of abstinence from sex or sexual activity that results in expelling one seed, as this take vital life force energy and releases it for a period of time.  Drug use is always asked to be nonexistent, as we do not condone the use or misuse of drugs or sacrament outside of a controlled ceremonial setting. We also sincerely believe that mother earth provides a natural way to heal the body mind and spirit and we always look to offer and nurture that option for all members.

7 days before ceremony please refrain from

  • Drug use including prescription drugs that have been discussed with medicine elders during intact consult.
  • Alcohol
  • Sexual Activity that results in expelling ones seed energy with partners or self

3 days before ceremony

  • Salt that is not naturally in food
  • Sugars or Artificial Sweeteners
  • Red Meat, Pork, Animal Fats
  • Dairy Products
  • Caffeine
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Hot Spices/ Peppers
  • Processed Food

It is recommended that NAICTS facilitators (Medicine elders) fast the day before and day of the 1st ceremony as a demonstration of commitment to the plant medicine spirit and to prepare the body to assist Great Spirit in the ceremony. Participants may also choose to fast during this time as well.

Plant Dieta diet is specific to the plant spirit one is dieting and the companion spirits that it allows in with it but base diet is not salt, sugar, processed food, spices, red meat, pork, poultry, high fat foods, and oils.  This is to be completely sensitized to the plant spirit and to change the bacteria colonies on and in your vessel.

XII. Appearance/Clothing

Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns (NAICTS) staff observe the tradition of wearing preferably white natural fibers during retreat and ceremonial time. We ask that participants also wear white or light colored clothing made of natural fibers while in retreat and ceremony.  Synthetic fibers are shown to have a negative affect on your nervous system.  The color white represents the color of eternal light, embodies all the colors of the light spectrum, and is an emblem of the divine. It projects purity, cleanliness and neutrality. It aids in mental clarity, encourages us to clear clutter and obstacles, evokes purification of thoughts and actions and enables fresh beginnings. All clothing should be comfortable and allow you to move around easily, it must be respectful to the Great Spirit fellow participants and NAICTS staff.

XIII. Propagation

Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns (NAICTS) and Humble Pines Ranch Retreats and Wellness Center (HPRRWC) will utilize all methods of communications, social media, video and printed materials to advertise and spread the sacred messages of our beliefs and community offerings. (NAICTS) does not charge for the sacraments it uses. All monies collected through membership, retreat fees, tithing or donation are used solely for the sustainment of the Retreat facility, ceremonial tools, property upkeep, staff salaries, food and additional expenses incurred with the upkeep of the Church.


A supplement to this constitution known as the BY-­‐LAWS shall embody the stated qualifications for church leaders and officers. The BY-­‐LAWS shall also include officers’ duties, provisions for appointment of additional leaders and teachers, conditions for membership, method by which members are received, along with other rules and regulations for church activities as needed. A Policy Manual shall cover such items as operational, job descriptions for all positions in the church, etc. Both the By-Laws and Policy Manual and included in the Addendum to this document.

The legal support for the State’s lack of jurisdiction over the church in America is not only the Word of God, but the First Amendment to the Constitution for the United States: AS stated above and below

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…No church in any nation at any point in history can lay claim to the freedoms and liberties that are guaranteed the church in America. The First Amendment is an act of God’s Providence to safeguard His church and maintain its independence from the State. The First Amendment is the highest form of real protection the church has ever known in history.

  1. The Bylaws

The by-­‐laws are in a separate document from the constitution. It is usually longer, more detailed, and easier to change. With growing church plants, this should be a dynamic document. The by-­‐laws provide a vehicle to implement and carry out the principles outlined by the Constitution. They explain how the organization functions in terms of boards, committees, officers, membership admission, frequency of meetings and quorums. A description of boards and committees, including their duties and terms of service, should also be included. An organizational chart is helpful.

(NAICTS) Church Bylaws at present, we are ruled by solo scripture, indigenous and traditional, familial as well as oral traditions passed on to us by our elders and our bylaws we feel will be from the word and relevant sacred text, writings and as determined by the Sr. Pastors. At present all disciplines and decisions are done, solely by the Sr. Pastor, Church Administrator, and or church elder.


Amendments to this constitution may be made at any business meeting when said proposed Amendments have been presented to the membership in writing and posted for at least one month prior to the business meeting. A two-­‐thirds majority is required for passage.

XVII. Church meeting minutes; Keep Minutes as need.

Keep Minutes as needed, for elders meetings and church meetings.