About Thousand Suns

Thousand Suns was formed for many reasons, but first and foremost is to celebrate the creation of life and the vibration of love that moves and animates us all. We work to bring pleasure to Great Spirit, the Soul that inhabits all of our Spirits.

Here at Thousand Suns we are committed to the four boundless and unequaled states of mind: Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. Every step we take is a step to uplift empower and educate its members on the deep connection that we all share with each other as wells as all creatures on this land, that this connection continues to weave its ties deep in to the lands and to the stars above and everything in-between. We believe that consciousness is alive in all things and spaces, and we are dedicated to building this awareness and strengthening this connection. Providing members with a model of worship and celebration that is true and accurate to their own internal compass. Bringing back the knowledge of our ancestors and the ways of our indigenous blood, tailoring it to fit in the western world while staying in a genuine and authentic vibration. Offering an eclectic but holistic focus built on the teachings from the master plants and the shamanic ways and traditions coupled with the focus and discipline of the yogic ways of the east with the heart space in the center celebrating in bhakti the Consciousness of Christ.

Is NAIC Thousand Suns right for you?

Some times in the spiritual Community when people think of church they can be put off.  Or maybe you are all right with the idea of a church but you are already part of a congregation and you fear that the two will not over lay cohesively. Here at Thousand Suns we honor and respect you and your individual beliefs and truly believe that our way of life fits with the fundamental beliefs of the major religions of the world, as all religions stem form the same core place of celebration and worship of God.

We believe that God is in all things, in all experiences, one of our core teachings is to be Grateful for all that is around you, and is flowing through you as it is all an expression of God. Drawing from the teachings of the Buddha, we look beyond the belief in the dualistic forces of good and evil, but the awareness that all is love. We believe that the love that we give is the love that we receive, both given to our own self and to all that is around us. Because all life is that of the oneness of God we understand fundamental laws of attraction and manifestation, along with the awareness of the divine order to the chaos of life. This divine ordered brings us all we need for our own growth and development as a spiritual individual to gain a better awareness of who and what we really are which is God, and God is love.

By celebrating each breath and all that we do being a direct relationship with God, here at Thousand Suns we model a lifestyle of mindfulness and prayer, celebration and worship. Helping its members to calm the mind and listen to the rhythms of their heart. For when we fully love all of our self and can appreciate all of life a deeper level of Healing can be embodied. A fuller breath can be taken and the karmic weight that we carrying in our bodies and minds can be loved for what we learned from it and released to create space for more love.

We believe in the Prophecy of the rainbow tribe and the idea that all knowledge is that of all people and we must unify to transcend together. We believe that this land is for all color, creeds and creatures. That through the knowledge keepers of these traditional ways kept by the literal sons and daughter of these bloodlines, we claim the right to form an Indigenous Traditional Organization. These Organizations are based upon their teachings and wisdom, which have been passed down to us through the traditions, customs, ceremonies, and records that have been kept safe and guarded throughout the ages by their descendants, for this time of Aquarian collective liberation. We also draw from our ancestral traditions from indigenous cultures that are no longer practicing from our past for all life is happening in the present moment although they are not alive in this time line they are still alive in our heart and consciousness. Drawing in the teachings and the ways of the plants and animals through direct communication from the spirit world itself, we offer a place where members can developed this space of communication and connection.

We acknowledge the sacred texts of all traditional religions and religious traditions regarding the principles of sacred expression and natural medicine. We affirm and support traditional Christian and Indigenous principles for spiritually based health care. Our hearts mission is to bring awareness and knowledge to our community and members, to allow this knowledge to be the seed of consciousness, and with this seed through assembly and worship we shall water this seed so that it grows into a tree. And this tree will be the tree of life that will cause our Garden of Eden to be restored on this land. And through this manifestation of the Garden of Eden we shall help our community to heal and grow into the light that is around us and in us all. We assert to do this through traditional ceremony, sacraments, scriptural and spiritually valid science, based on natural law, as well through educational programs workshops and retreats. The focus of NAICTS is not to diagnose or treat medical issues but to empower the individual and help them to heal their soul through strengthening the connection to Spirit’s light and educating on how to take care of the holistic self, and mother earth to heal the harmonious connection of Spiritual and material world.

To read more about what we believe and who we are, you can read our Foundation Declaration, if you want to experience more, come to one of our many events or workshops and stay tuned for our blog and podcasts that will be a compilation of palatable information to feed and water consciousness and self empowerment.