At NAIC Thousand Suns we want every one to get in touch with their true and authentic self. Coming together as a community in celebration and in ritual to get to know our selfs through the mirrors of our brothers and sisters.

Building a deeper interconnection and understanding to our experience with all of life. NAICTS gives respect and draws guidance from our Native and Indigenous routes. Learning from the ways of the old to move through the spaces of tomorrow.

Educating on sustainable life practices. Offering ways to live in harmony with the Natural rhythms of life. Giving our support in reciprocity to the land which we walk on, the air we breath, and the waters we drink & bathe in.

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Following in the footsteps and beliefs of great masters like Guru Nanak and Black Elk who spoke of all religions and colors coming together and beings one tribe, equal and authentic. Here at Thousand Suns we draw in Inspiration and direction from the ways and the teachings our teachings of our Native and Indigenous Ancestors; as well as the Vedics, Yogis, and Sages of India and Thailand, NAICTS offers a place for all to come who are seeking to find internal healing as well as a greater connection to Life. 

We are all Birthed of Mother Earth, Driven by Great Spirit.  NAIC Thousand Suns provides and nurturing sanctuary for all of our members to conjure this connection.  Through Services, Workshops, Ceremony and Ritual, Group and Private Yoga Sessions, Soul Coaching and Counseling, and much much more to Bringing the Magic Back into Life and Spirit Back into your Lungs.

Our Mission & Vision

At NAIC Thousand Suns we work to Empower each member to find their own inner healing.

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Taking a Holistic approach to healing and worship, here at NAIC Thousand Suns we nurture the deep connection of our internal spirit with that of Great Spirit and the Spirits of the land.  Drawing from the ways of our native ancestors, combined with the knowledge of the Vedics of India and Thailand, rolled up in modern day Science, with the Compass of the Heart forward leading the way, Thousand Suns gives presences to the internal Guru inside all of us, by offering a model of Suniai (a process of deep internal and external listening) combined with a Holistic approach to Mind Body Spirit Harmonization 

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Joining Our Community is a Step in the direction of taking your Power Back, Standing Up for your Truths and Commanding your space as a Natural Free Human.

Giving you the Power to Choose how you care for your Body, Mind, & Spirit!

There are many reasons that make membership based organizations beneficial for all.  Learn about membership in our NAIC Tribal Organization and participating with NAIC Thousand Suns in sacramental medecine ceremonies.

Legal precedence dictates that the Native American Indigenous Church Thousand Suns has full Constitutional Rights and Protections as have other registered Churches, worshiping in the United States of America, been receiving theirs since September 17, 1787.

Community Home

A Community of Love

Offering a wide range of talents and gifts. The root of all our service is expressed through a filter of loving awareness.

It is an opportunity for us as Healers Teachers and Mirrors to offer our highest awareness and hold an open space for all of our members and clients to see and experience their highest truth.

Through Classes, Workshops, Ceremonies, Rituals, Group Celebration, and One on One Healing and Counseling opportunities


NAIC Thousand Suns offers many Ceremonies. Both Sacramental and Non Sacramental Ceremonies open to all Authorized Members. 

Workshops & Event Series

Our community gathers for ceremonies, worship, workshops and events of all kinds. You can visit our events calendar here and find details on the different types of events and activities for you and your family.

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Healing Portal

Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio!!!

At NAIC Thousand Suns we offer our Members many channels to understand themselves on a Deeper Level, to become the healer of their own Karmas.

To be Authentic… To be Vulnerable…. To Liberate from the Cycles of Stagnation.